8th Grade Strawberry DNA
Grade 8 was excited to extract DNA from strawberries in their quest to learn more about heredity. They made slides and observed the DNA under the microscope.
Halloween Fun!.JPG
Halloween at OLL was a huge success. The students had fun at their classroom parties, the parade and the school Halloween party! What a spooky day!
4th Grade Happenings !.JPG
Father D'Amico answers call from students Father D'Amico took time to visit the 4th grade class to answer some of their questions about vocations and how Fr. D'Amico found his vocation to the priesthood. Students are studying the differences between the Old and New Testament and learned about Samuel's call to serve God and how he knew to answer it. Father D'Amico told students how he discovered his vocation and learned how to listen to God, and talked about the relevance of the Ten Commandments, and how they are still a necessary part of every Catholic's life. The Commandments are specifically named that because they are not suggestions, they are commandments and help all of us when we follow them to lead the best life we are called to lead by God. The question and answer session could have lasted all day, as it was driven by students, and 4th graders were very appreciative of Father D'Amico's time and insight.
8th Grade Learns About Genetics.JPG
Grade 8 is studying genetics. Using parent chromosomes(pictured on the bottom) the students created genetic offspring bugs with six different traits. The alleles inherited from the parent generation combined to form the genotype of the filial generation. These genotypes are shown in the physical appearance of the offspring which is the phenotype. The principle of dominant and recessive traits as well as other Mendelian principles were studied.
3rd Grade Learns About Dictionaries!.JPG
Georgia Brown from the Montclair Rotary Club came to visit Mrs. Grimes and Miss Lazzaro's third grade classes to share her love of learning and A Student's Dictionary. Thank you Georgia Brown!
Watching the Pope
Today the 6th, 7th and 8th graders watched as Pope Francis addressed the United States Congress. It was very exciting and interesting to hear his values and his beliefs during his speech.
8th Grade Pope
The 8th grade is celebrating the Pope's arrive to the United States by devoting a religion class to learn more about him. They will be studying his mission, his life and reading some of his twitter quotes!
Welcome To Our New Principal - Mr. Ben Ronquillo
Our Lady of the Lake School is extremely pleased and happy to welcome our new principal, Mr. Ben Ronquillo. All of our school families, faculty, and staff wish you many blessings and success in your new position!
A Gathering of Future Entrepreneurs at OLL
Many of the 7th and 8th graders are participating in a brand new program this year call TREP$ which is short for Entrepreneurs. The students develop their own businesses while being mentored by parents that are actual business owners themselves. The program culminates with a flea market style "TREP$ Marketplace" where all are invited to come and view the many businesses the students are formally launching.
8th Graders Write Letters of Encouragement!
The 8th graders practice their letter writing skills by writing both friendly and business letters. Students wrote letters and created hand-made cards for Addie Fausett, a six-year old from Utah with a terminal illness. The family has requested Christmas cards for her to put a smile on her face during this difficult time.
3rd Grade Honors the Saints!
The 3rd grade students presented a parade of saints in honor of All Saints Day in November. Each student chose their favorite saint or patron saint, dressed up as them, and gave a report about their life and how each saint was meaningful in the life of each child.
Fifth Grade Future Scientists
Miss Lazzaro's fifth grade science class displays their completed projects - 3-Dimensional animal and plant cells.
All Smiles Over a Good Book!
The OLL Book Club kicked off the new school year with their first selection in September. The students enjoyed lively discussions, tasty snacks, and, of course, great books!


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