2015-2016 Awards and Scholarships (pdf)
Culture Day in 3rd Grade.JPG
The 3rd grade spent time learning about their background by studying the countries their families came from! They went to classrooms throughout the school to present what they learned about each country! What a fun and enriching experience!
Essex County Poster Contest!.JPG
Congratulations to OLL fourth graders Ky-Ann Williams and Gabriella Honan for their winning contributions to the My Essex County poster contest! Ky-Ann was one of three winners and Gabriella received an honorable mention in the contest open to all Essex County fourth graders. All winners' posters will appear the the 2016-2017 "My Essex County" 15-month calendar.
The OLL Forensics Team concluded their season on April 12th. After another successful year with reading, declamation, drama and humor competitions, our school placed two students in the top fifteen in the league…..MaryKate Dougherty in 6th grade and Elena Tyndall in 7th grade. Congratulations and thank you to the whole team for their hard work and dedication. We look forward to another successful year.
Notable Actor Sean Ringgold and OLL Alumni Ariane Duarte Bringing A Multitude of Excitement To TREP$ Students In Verona!
TREP$ Fair Coming Soon!
This years TREP$ Marketplace will be on May 6th from 2:45 until 7:00! Come out and support our young entrepreneurs! Cash Only!
Field Trip Fun!.JPG
OLL Third and Fourth Graders visited Liberty Science Center to learn about gases and temperatures, the mechanics of movement and how the senses work. Students also learned how robots can be programmed to mimic human thinking, decision-making and movement patterns, as well as how skyscrapers are constructed, and what that means in terms of design, mechanics, engineering and safety. What an enlightening day!
Make a Wish!
Our Lady of the Lake School Students Can Make Wishes Come True! Within one week's time, during Catholic School's Week, students were able to raise $2,091 dollars to enable an Essex county four-year old girl, who was diagnosed with a brain tumor, to have the final dollars that will enable her to realize her one big wish ("If you could have one wish, what would it be?").

This spring, this four-year old girl and her family will be whisked away to Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida. While there they will be staying at Give Kids the World Village, a special area near Disney reserved specifically for children who are recipients of a wish from the Make-A-Wish New Jersey Foundation. At the Village, Wish children are treated to amenities, such as late night ice cream service, a handicapped accessible pool and characters reading them bedtime stories, just to name a few. During their time in the parks, Wish children are treated like VIPs! They wear a special button and go straight to the front of the line on all the rides, shows, character meet-and-greets and other park attractions. Families also have the opportunity to visit Universal Studios and Sea World where their VIP treatment continues! This is just an example of what is possible for a child with such a wish!

Make-A-Wish New Jersey is given the opportunity to create memories and positive experiences for children and their families who need a positive boost to move forward in their battle with a serious medical condition or life-threatening illness. Our Lady of the Lake students made an amazing effort by collecting pennies on Monday, nickels on Tuesday, dimes on Wednesday, quarters on Thursday and dollars on Friday during Catholic Schools Week. They worked with teachers and staff to count coins, give daily tallies of amounts raised in order to increase the momentum and excitement of giving.

The students of Our Lady of the Lake School realized that Disneyland would not have been possible for this family without their efforts of time, talent and treasure. Students learned that their time and dedication truly do make a difference in the lives of others. Lesson learned is to keep up the good work in all you do. Each person can make their own, and the dreams of others, come true with relentless hard work and dedication.

It was a lesson well learned, in how to truly make a wish come true!

Crazy Science!.JPG
The 6th grade created balloon powered race cars to demonstrate Newton's third law of motion. Science can be so much fun!
Technology Fun!
Two of our Our Lady of the Lake 4th graders participated in a technology workshop offered by Innovators, Inc. which was held at, and sponsored by, Barnes & Noble Booksellers of Livingston on Saturday, February 27. At this STEM workshop, the students made their own project while learning the concepts and technologies about six simple machines, motors, gears, cams and sensors and reverse engineering which allowed these two students to discover all the technology inside of a mechanical/robotic crab. Teachers at Our Lady of the Lake School are always encouraging and notifying students of signifcant learning opportunities not only in the classroom, but in the local community as well.
Congratulations to the 8th Grade Basketball Players!.JPG
Congratulations to the 8th grade basketball players for playing their last home game at Our Lady of the Lake! We will all miss seeing you on the court and wish you the very best of luck next year!
Two Local Captains!
Congratulations to two local captains – and coincidentally -- classmates at local Catholic grammar school When you watch a hockey game, you can clearly identify the captains by the "C" on their sweaters. Two A-level players in the Montclair Hockey Club’s Blues program, Owen Dougherty MHC’s Bantam A Blue team and Stan Duwal for MHC’s Bantam A White squad, have earned the privilege to wear the “C” for their respective teams. In addition to playing for the same travel hockey club, Owen, from Verona and Stan, from Cedar Grove, have something else in common – they are both eighth graders at Our Lady of the Lake Catholic grammar school in Verona.

Whether chosen by their peers or their coaches, these student-athletes demonstrate the qualities needed to wear the "C". They are role models and leaders on and off the ice. In Stan’s case, he earned leadership recognition "as a result of hard work, dedication, and a positive attitude", says MHC Coach Richard Miller. About Owen, coach Jim Philbin adds, "It is refreshing to see that some youths appreciate and benefit from some 'old school' concepts such as leadership and character." Their coaches agree that they give 100% and encourage and lead their teammates to do the same. When reached for feedback, Owen’s MHC coach Pat McGrath said, “Owen has embraced the responsibilities that come with being team captain and has been consistent with his approach. Whether it be at practice or a game, Owen always gives 100% and his teammates feed off that.” Dougherty was voted captain by his peers and Duwal by his coaches.

Both young men also play basketball for Our Lady of the Lake and are active members in the OLL parish & school communities. Additionally, Stan leverages his leadership talents in school government, filling the spot of Vice President of the student council and by participating in OLL’s Kid2Kid program. While their parents deserve credit for instilling positive values in Owen and Stan, their parents also give credit to the coaches at Montclair Hockey Club as well as the outstanding faculty and community of Our Lady the Lake School who reinforce daily, the qualities of hard work, leadership, character, responsibility, and accountability. These qualities will serve Owen and Stan well next year as they continue on to Saint Peter's Prep and Seton Hall Prep respectively. Their coaches and teachers agree that both of these student-athletes will succeed in their future endeavors.

3rd Grade Gets a Special Visit!.JPG
Father D'Amico came to talk to the third grade religion class about the meaning of the year of mercy. Thank you Father D'Amico for your knowledge, wisdom, and spiritual guidance. God Bless.
Space with the 8th Grade!.JPG
Space.....the final frontier......or is it? Grade 8 models solar and lunar eclipses in their study of the Earth, Moon and Sun System.



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